'Madden 20' announcers: Brandon Gaudin, Charles Davis return as voices of Madden

Night net null null The Madden video game franchise is constantly evolving, changing cover athletes from year to year as well as tweaking player abilities from week to week. One constant, however, since 2017 is the team in the broadcast booth.Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis have returned to the booth for "Madden Night net 20" for the fourth year. Gaudin will handle play-by-play duties while Davis has analyst responsibilities. Over the game's 31-year history, six broadcast duos have added their voices to the franchise. Davis is the fourth analyst for the series, succeeding Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth and John Madden, while Gaudin is the sixth play-by-play man, succeeding Jim Nantz, Gus Johnson, Tom Hammond, Al Michaels and the late Pat Summerall.Despite his continued input and last name remaining in the title of the game, John Madden's voice has not been used since the 2009 edition. MADDEN 20 REVIEW: The good, the bad and the new from EA SportsWho are the announcers on 'Madden 20'?Play-by-play man Brandon Gaudin and color analyst Charles Davis are back for their fourth year together lending their voices to the series. The pair replaced Jim Nantz and Phil Simms for Madden 17. For the first time in the history of the game, Gaudin and Davis won't be limited to calling Night net action. They will also provide commentary during the College Football Playoff portion as part of the new "QB1 Face of the Franchise" game mode.'Madden 20' play-by-play voice: Brandon GaudinUnlike any of his play-by-play predecessors, Gaudin was a virtual unknown when he was offered the gig with EA Sports in 2016. In succeeding Jim Nantz, Gaudin became the first play-by-play voice in the series' history not to have any prior experience calling Night net action.The Georgia Tech play-by-play announcer was first presented the Madden opportunity by way of two LinkedIn messages from EA Sports, the first of which he deleted because he thought it was spam.Look what just got recorded for Madden 20.... 👀 pic.twitter.com/rsjVCoafot— Brandon Gaudin (@BrandonGaudin) May 30, 2019Gaudin, now 35 years old, worked his way up the play-by-play ladder calling Evansville and Butler University athletics. The New York Times profiled him in 2013 when he was named just the fourth play-by-play man in the past 61 years for Georgia Tech.His calls have frequently been included on "SportsCenter" and the "Dan Patrick Show." In his junior year of college at Butler, Gaudin won a nationwide play-by-play competition sponsored by CBS during the 2005 NCAA Tournament and was flown to the Final Four and interviewed at halftime by Greg Gumbel.While Gaudin makes frequent trips to EA Sports' offices in Orlando, his daytime job consists of calling games for Fox Sports 1, the Big Ten Network and Westwood Sports. One of the reasons EA hired Gaudin was for his more manageable workload compared to the likes of Al Michaels or Cris Collinsworth.MADDEN 20 RATINGS:Player ratings at each positionOverall team ratingsBest offenses to use in gameBest defenses to use in game'Madden 20' color analyst: Charles DavisCharles Davis had a little more Night net experience than Gaudin when he was also offered the job in 2016, albeit just one season in an Night net broadcast booth.Davis, a former defensive back for the Tennessee Volunteers from 1982-86, signed as an undrafted free agent with the Dallas Cowboys in 1987 before being cut that offseason and turning to the broadcast booth at Tennessee. Davis spent the mid-90s as a sports operations manager at Disney's Wide World of Sports and in 1998 became the first African-American to be a tournament director of a PGA event for the Disney World Golf Classic.He then worked as a sideline reporter for the SEC Game of the Week, called arena football for NBC and made frequent appearances on the Golf Channel before joining Fox in 2006 where he served as an analyst for the 2007 BCS National Championship Game. Davis has since worked for Night net Network, the Night net on Fox postgame show and as a part of Fox's Night net broadcast booths with the likes of Thom Brennaman, Kevin Burkhardt, Pam Oliver and Tony Siragusa.Davis resides in Orlando near EA Sports' studio, allowing for frequent updates during the year to the Madden commentary with Gaudin.Will Tony Romo ever do Madden commentary?If there's one voice that nearly every Night net fan loves or loves to hate, it's that of former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and current CBS analyst Tony Romo.His style of correctly (more times than not) predicting plays while also adding far-from-standard emotion in the booth that resembles sentiments of a fan more than a polished broadcaster has quickly made Romo a fan-favorite alongside Jim Nantz as CBS' lead Night net broadcast team.Tony Romo is the first football broadcast sensation since Madden. Good for him. But I sense a lot of jealousy .— Mike Francesa (@MikeFrancesa) January 26, 2019While Romo apparently used Madden to prepare for his new job in the booth as he transitioned from the playing field, there has been zero evidence tying him to a future of lending his voice to the game.A petition was created in 2017 to make Romo the voice of future Madden games and received 1,277 signatures. "Tony Romo is the greatest announcer in the history of professional football already," the petition reads, "and he deserves his rightful place on the Madden throne, where he honed his skills to begin with."Discussion has continued on platforms such as Reddit in the years since. Unfortunately for fans, however, it d

oesn't appear as though EA Sports is about to part with Gaudin or Davis any time soon.